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Welcome to S:t Eriks General practitioners. We offer a wide range of health care, child health care and psychosocial care.


For telephone advice, to get in contact with your doctor and nurse:
Call 08-519 86 000 (press 1 for English), Mon-Fri 8.00-17.00.


To book an appointment with your doctor call the nurse (see above).


We offer appointments to nurses without prearrangement Mon-Fri 8.00-9.00, register at the reception.


If you have more urgent symptoms you can book an appointment at our Lättakut. You can book your appointment on 08-519 860 60, mon-fri 8.00-17.00.

Opening hours Mon-Fri at 8.00-17.00.


During weekends and after 17.00 Monday to Friday we refer to Närakuten Sabbatsberg, telephone 08-672 39 90.


In emergency call: 112


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I receptionen anmäler du din ankomst, listar dig med mera.

Tel: 08-519 860 60
Fax: 08-651 27 25
Fleminggatan 24
112 82 Stockholm
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Mån-fre 08.00-17.00
Övriga tider hänvisar vi till Närakuten Sabbatsberg