Welcome to S:t Eriks General practitioners. We offer a wide range of health care, child health care and psychosocial care.

For telephone advice, to get in contact with your doctor and nurse:
Call 08-519 860 00 (press 1 for English), Mon-Fri 8.00-17.00.

To book an appointment with your doctor call the nurse (see above).


We offer appointments to nurses without prearrangement Mon-Fri 8.00-9.00, register at the reception.

Emergency light:

If you have light urgent symptoms you can book an appointment at our Lättakut. 

Book your appointment on 08-519 860 00, Mon-Fri 8.00-17.00.

Opening hours Mon-Fri at 8.00-17.00.

After opening hours call 1177 to get medical advice and help finding the right care. 

In emergency call 112

Opening Hours

During weekends and after 17.00 Monday to Friday we refer to Sabbatsbergs Husläkarjour